More Activities


                   Golf Tournaments

                   Hosted twice a year at the Sterling Farms and E. Gaynor Brennan courses. Dozens of SMASers participate for fun and exercise with prizes awarded at the Sports Luncheons following the morning's event.


                                            Tennis Tournament in the spring attracts a large number of members. On serve are prizes and camaraderie..

                      Annual Reggata and Fishing Outings

                         These annual events give members a chance to experience Long Island Sound at its most beautiful time of the year.


                   Day Trips To Local Sites of Interest

                   Popular day tours and visits to interesting nearby attractions, a weekly bridge game, an annual picnic, a Bluefish baseball game, luncheons and other events, often with spouses and family members invited.


                   Community Service

                   Through their affiliation with other local organizations, many SMAS  members assist in  tax preparation for seniors and low income Stamford residents, food drives for local soup kitchens, school tutoring and veterans programs.